Sugar Paper L.A Planner Review + Blog Plans

Hello everyone! As I sit here with my cup of coffee on this warm, sunny Wednesday afternoon, I’d like to share with you something that I’ve been really into lately. I figured now that I have school going on, the blog, and other various events happening that I would like to get myself a monthly planner to stay organized. I bought myself this Sugar Paper Los Angeles Monthly Planner from Target recently and while it was in transit to me, I decided to do a YouTube search for reviews on the Sugar Paper planner line for this year. I soon discovered that planning is quite popular on YouTube, specifically “glam” planning. Glam planning essentially is planning with a decorative twist. Adding stickers, inserts, and other fun things to customize your planner to suit your needs and also show a little personality. I’ve been searching around Etsy for some sticker kits and might just buy some soon!


I bought my 8 x 10 Monthly planner in the blush color, but they also had it in black. I always gravitate towards black so I wanted to try something new, plus this color reminded me of spring/summer so I thought it was perfect! In the front of the planner is a 2016/2017 yearly overview and a page for quick reference information (emergency contacts and such). In addition, there are 2 pages for the rest of your contacts. I believe I counted 72 spaces in total for a persons name, address, and phone number. Immediately following are the months. I really like that the months are tabbed and laminated as it makes for quick access. In the back of the planner are 11 pages for notes and list of all major holidays and the date they fall on every year until 2019. This is a major plus for me and I know it will come in handy!


All in all, this planner is the perfect size, it’s simple, and practical. It will be easy for me to keep in my purse, and also easy for me to quickly navigate through if need be. I bought mine when it was on sale for $3.98, and for that price it is a great planner. I know there are high-end planners that are quite popular in the community such as Erin Condren, but I can’t justify spending $50+ on a planner, at least not right now when my needs aren’t that much. I believe the Sugar Paper one is still at that the sale price now if you are interested! I provided a link to it above.


I have many fun things in mind for the upcoming warmer months! Here are just a few:

1.) Cool, Healthy Summer Treats (Popsicles, Vegan Ice Cream, Iced Teas, etc)

2.) All-Natural DIY Summer  Personal Care Essentials (Moisturizers, bug repellent, sunburn treatment, etc)

3.) New England Travel Series (A look into our family trip to the Northeast, including what we did and places we recommend!)



7 thoughts on “Sugar Paper L.A Planner Review + Blog Plans

  1. I’m so jealous that it’s a warm sunny Wednesday arvo for you! It’s a chilly Thursday morning here in the New England Australia (though I am drinking coffee too!) I really need to get into the planning boat, thanks for sharing !! And love the photos ☺️

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    1. Hi Millie! Silly me, when I saw you were from New England on your about page I immediately thought you meant the New England region here in the U.S, my bad! I never knew there was a New England Australia, you learn something new every day 🙂 I’m wishing for colder weather since it is warm all year round here in Florida. I drank my coffee iced today due to the heat! Lol I hope you are having a great day and thank you for reading!

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      1. That’s ok!! I meant to reply and tell you about the New England in Australia, not many people know it’s there ☺️ I love making friends from the New England in the US!! How is the weather going for you in Florida today? It’s a sunny 28 Celsius here ☀️🌞☁️🔆

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      2. Hey Millie! Your weather sounds beautiful! Today in Florida it was sunny as well, and about 80 degrees F. Which I believe is 26 C, I had to google the conversion lol Sounds like we both had a beautiful Tuesday 🙂 Hope you are well!

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  2. It’s a lot like the Bible Journaling! I thought about doing the “glam planning” but I prefer doing it on my comp😉
    We got similar plans for the summer😜 Have fun and wishing you all the best!

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    1. How cool! Wasn’t sure if you were still doing the Bible journaling, I really liked the few pages I saw that you did. They were really pretty and inspirational 🙂 And yes, we most certainly do have similar plans. Are you packing yet? 😉 Love you!

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