The Sunshine Award | Take Two!

Hello everyone, I hope you are all having a great day! Mine just got better because the beautiful Babs over at Desserts & Dresses nominated me for The Sunshine Blogger Award. Babs was one of the first people I connected with here on WordPress and she has a wonderful blog focused mainly around fashion and sweet treats, but also her life living in Belgium. Stop by and show her some lovin’!

I was nominated about a year ago for this award by my dear friend Nena, but decided that since it’s been so long and my blog has definitely grown, it would give me the opportunity to answer new questions and tag some new peeps! I really enjoy doing these tags and awards because it not only allows me to share bits and pieces of myself, but I learn more about you from the answers you share. No matter what direction my blog heads in, I will always welcome tags. Let’s get into it!

The Rules:award31 (1)

  • Thank & link the person who nominated you.
  • Answer the questions asked by them.
  • Nominate 11 bloggers.
  • Give your nominees 11 new questions to answer.


Babs’ Questions:

1.) What is your favorite dessert?

Back home in my hometown in Massachusetts, there is a little family-run Italian bakery called Giovanni’s. They serve delicious traditional Cannoli there and I always make sure to pick one up when I’m visiting. That’s got to be my favorite…but I’m always down for some rocky-road ice cream, too 😉

2.) Why did you start to blog?

I initially started my blog under a different name where I focused mainly on providing tips for people who would ask about how I lost weight. I would often get Facebook messages and Instagram comments from friends asking what I ate, how I exercised, how I stayed motivated among other things and I wanted a place that I could direct them to that would have all of that information readily available. I did that for a while but late last year I decided I wanted a change, I wanted a more vague site title that didn’t limit me. My blog has gone in all different directions but I’m perfectly ok with that. I, myself, am changing as a person and I believe my blog will always reflect that. Lately I’ve been really thinking about broadening my knowledge and skill for baking/pastry, so you will see more posts and recipes along those lines at this time. That’s just where I’m at right now 🙂

3.) Which is your ultimate citytrip destination?

Next year I will be turning 21, and for years now I’ve dreamed about going to Dublin for my 21st birthday. I always envisioned having my first drink at a traditional Irish pub. It’s a little far-fetched and probably won’t happen but a girl can dream, right?

4.) Which Netflix series do you like best?

This is something that is always changing, too. But at the moment I’m watching Gilmore Girls for the very first time. I started watching about 2 months ago and I’m on season 5. I love it and I don’t want it to end! I can’t wait until they release the new hour and a half long episodes!

5.) What is your favorite outfit to wear?

Since we’re getting into the warmer months, my favorite outfit to wear is some simple blue skinnies, a white-tshirt, and white chucks (converse). It’s an outfit that I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of.

6.) Which things are on your bucket list (a couple examples are enough:) )?

This question definitely got me thinking. I’ve come to the conclusion that I don’t have many crazy desires, they’re quite simple.  As I mentioned above, I really want to attend pastry school. I’m eager to learn traditional French and other European styles of baking. I’d also love to visit my distant family in Southern Maine and learn more about my Native American heritage. I want to grow old with the man I love, and I’d like to be a mommy someday, too.

7.) Dilemma 1: fries or pizza?

Can I put fries on my pizza? 😉

8.) What would be your dream job?

I’d be the owner of a bakery in a small New England town. The kind of small town where everyone knows one another and I have the same folks that come in every day for their “usual”. It’d be the kind of place you walk by and can’t help but be drawn in by the smell of pastries and fresh coffee. That’s the dream.

9.) Who’s your favorite musician/band?

I actually did an entire post on this, if you’re interested you can read about the bands I love here.

10.) Dilemma 2: Going on a skiing trip or a beach holiday?

Ski trip! Hands down! The beach and I just don’t get along. I’m always getting burned, sand ends up where it shouldn’t, and I always end up being towel-to-towel with somebody else. No thank you! I’d much rather hit the slopes. Then bundle up around a fire and drink some hot cocoa after 😉

11.) Which language would you like to learn?

I’d love to learn French or Italian!

I Nominate:

1.) Natalie – Natalie Unfiltered

2.) Debby – Waite Girl Problems

23.) Alifya – Alifya Lifestyle

4.) Lynna –  How Lynnaful

5.) Caitlin – Slippers and Wine

6.) Abi Leah – Life As a Homeschooled Teen

7.) Mel – Flourishing Mel

8.) Taylor – Peas Romaine Calm

9.) Gabby – Baking With Gab

10.) Beth – Sweetly Sparta

11.) Paola – Love + Cupcakes

12.) John and Cris Anne – Rice n Dine

My Questions To You:

1.) When you aren’t blogging, you are…

2.) Where do you find inspiration for your blog posts?

3.) If you were to move far away from where you currently live, what are some things you’d miss?

4.) Do you have any plans for the summer?

5.) When you were a kid, what did you aspire to be?

6.) What is your drink of choice when you’re at a restaurant?

7.) Do you speak any other languages?

8.) What is your favorite cuisine to cook and/or eat?

9.) Are you a reader? If so, what is your favorite book?

10.) What is something fun that you’ve done recently?

11.) What do you do/where do you go to relax?

Have fun and happy blogging!




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