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As I sit here with my warm cup of hazelnut coffee on this rainy late August afternoon, all I can think about is how September is right around the corner. Knowing Autumn is near puts me in such a great, festive mood. It’s truly a magical time of year. The months of September – December are my prime-time for blogging because they never fail to spark inspiration and ideas. I have many ideas in mind already for the upcoming season. Of course there will be plenty of recipes but I’d like to post more DIY projects and things for the home. I already have two posts in the making…stay tuned! 

I’m also lucky enough to be heading back home to Massachusetts next month with my boyfriend to visit for a week to spend time with my family, and soak up Autumn in all of it’s glory. Unfortunately, the Northeast is experiencing a severe drought right now and it could effect the foliage this year…which New England is known for. People come from all over the country to take scenic drives around the region during peak foliage times. It’s an incredible sight to see, the trees seem to set ablaze with the colors of red, orange, and yellow.

“Fall has always been my favorite season. The time when everything burst with it’s last beauty, as if nature had been saving up all year for the grand finale.”

– Lauren DeStefano

Every September in our neighboring city of West Springfield, MA the Eastern States Exposition holds a huge fair called The Big E. It’s a pretty big deal up there, with over one million visitors passing through their gates every year during their 17 day run.They are celebrating 100 years of the fair this year, so I didn’t want to miss it! 100 years ago, it started as a way to promote local agriculture. Today, it still stays true to it’s roots with educational displays and livestock attractions. Aside from that, the fair is filled with over 200 food vendors, typical and not so typical fair rides, performances and concerts, parades, crafts, shopping (you can buy everything from clothing, to kitchen tools, even a hot tub! lol), you name it.

My favorite is the Avenue of StatesThe avenue features replicas of each state building of

Photo: http://www.thebige.com

all 6 New England states. Each building showcases local products and vendors from their state. For example, the Vermont building has apple cider, cheese, maple products and even a Ben & Jerry’s stand…clearly, Vermont is my favorite building 😉 I’d love to do a post showing the different products each state has to offer. Perhaps I could make it a series.

Other than the fair, there are so many other regional activities to do up there during the Fall. Pumpkin patches, apple picking, corn mazes, hay rides, farmers markets. Many different things to get you outside and enjoying the weather. I’m not quite sure what we’ll do this year, we don’t really have an agenda. Just going to go with the flow, I suppose 🙂 I’ll definitely be posting our adventures on Instagram.


What is your favorite season and how do you celebrate it? 🙂


20 thoughts on “Fall Is Coming | Coffee Thoughts

    1. Thank you! And that’s great news! I was curious if it would be cool when I go up there at the end of next month. Glad to hear it’s already starting to feel like Fall 🙂

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  1. Autumn…always the best season for me. I live in Pennsylvania “Penn’s Woods”, so when away, I really missed the color. Sweater-weather, crisp days, harvest festivals, craft and food fairs, Halloween, Thanksgiving, back to school…what’s not to love ???

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  2. I’m with you… Sept to Dec is my favorite time of the year too!! Except, we don’t have “seasons” here in SoCal, so I just have to pretend and look at photos of other places longingly! So I’ll be looking forward to any posts you do of your trip to New England!!

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    1. Abby, I feel you! We don’t have seasons here in South Florida either lol but I will definitely share all that I can when I visit my family in MA!


  3. I agree!! love FALL! so excited for the cool breeze, beautiful foliage, and most importantly, all the amazingly delightful pumpkin spice treats!! ❤

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    1. Yes, yes, yes!! I’ve already started drinking pumpkin spice coffee in the morning and it’s not even September yet! Lol Thank you for stopping by 🙂


  4. I can NOT wait for fall, we will spend our fall in germany. In my hometown, fall isn’t at all celebrated, but that never stoped me from loving the cold breeze and crisp air that come along with the fall months. I will also be having my first halloween ever. Which I am SUPER excited for.
    Great blog post darling. Really pumped me up for the season.
    Can’t wait to see what you’ll be posting in the future.


    1. Germany? That’s awesome! I have family from Germany, but unfortunately have never had the money to visit. I hope you have a great time there. And Halloween is so much fun! It’s one of of my favorite holidays! Thank you so much for reading and for following. Welcome! 🙂

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  5. Hello Amber, I like all Seasons, least fan of Winter I guess because here in Belgium is usually means no snow, just rain and cold and windy. I always struggle myself through January and February but once we’ve had that you won’t hear me complaining! Every Season has it’s typical festivities and fairs here too, almost every village and city have some activities, so no reason to be bored! Enjoy these glorious last days of Summer and hope you have a lovely Fall, greetings from Antwerp, Ingrid

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    1. Hi, Ingird! Winter time in Belgium sounds like my kind of weather! I actually enjoy the cold, rainy, windy days….it makes being home just that much more cozy. And I agree, every season has it’s own fun events and activities. I hope you enjoy your last few days of Summer as well, greetings from Miami, Florida USA 😉

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      1. Hi Amber, oh well, if you are very very desperate for some rain and wind, let me know, we do have a fireplace to cozy up to and I will warm my bones in Miami then 😂😉 enjoy your day, or evening at your side😉

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  6. I cannot wait for Autumn! My favourite seasons are Summer and Autumn because either the weather is nice- or there’s just so many events and exciting things happening! I cannot wait for Autumn fashion and burning lots of candles! -Tash xx

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    1. I agree! Here in South Florida, it can get really hot and humid during the Summer months…so much that you don’t want to leave your house lol so I’m very ready for Autumn! You’re right, there are so many things to do and see. I’ll be burning lots of candles, too 😉 Thank you for reading!

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