The Importance of Relaxation | + A Relaxing Nature Sound Playlist

Life can become pretty chaotic at times, and stress can get the best of us. While stress in small amounts is normal, if it becomes too much to bear or begins effecting our every day lives we need to know how to manage it. Setting aside a little bit of “you” time each day to clear your mind and unwind can be an effective tool in managing stress levels.

Too much stress in our lives is more detrimental than you may think, it’s been linked to complications of the heart and disorders such as dementia. Keeping stress levels under control, in turn, improves other areas of our health in the long run. You’ll find it can improve your mood, cognitive function (focus, memory, reasoning, etc), and also the quality of your sleep at night. Keeping stress at bay has been shown to help in the prevention of viruses and other illnesses. All of these factors go hand-in-hand in achieving overall wellness.

“Sometimes the most productive thing you can do, is relax.”

– Mark Black

For some, relaxing is easier said than done. I’ve actually found this to be true for myself for quite some time before I began a “trial and error” period, where I tested different relaxation methods to find what worked for me. Here are a few of my favorites:

B L O G G E R S (7).png

Some of these methods are beneficial in more ways than one. If these don’t speak to you then you can simply relax by taking part in something you love, a hobby, or your favorite pastime 🙂 For some relaxation is a solitary experience, where as others like to relax with their partner, with friends, or family. Whatever makes you happy, and puts you in a calm, content state of mind.

How do you unwind?


Here is a small playlist I put together of soothing nature sounds that help me in relaxing, and I thought it would be appropriate to share. I actually find these tracks enjoyable to listen to while I write blog posts as well 🙂

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