Autumn at Blossoming Acres | Southwick, MA

Autumn in western Mass is magical…I love seeing the area come alive with seasonal colors and festive Fall touches. One of my favorite ways to spend an afternoon during this time of year is to pay a visit to farms/farmers markets for some Fall goodies, and to simply take in the beauty of the season. Read on to learn about a local favorite.

We discovered Blossoming Acres two years ago after coming across a coupon of theirs in the paper for a free pumpkin scone…so naturally, we had to go. It’s become a personal favorite ever since for many reasons. It’s easily located off of Route 202, in a quiet part of Southwick, MA. It has a charming, quintessential New England country store feel to it, and it’s simply beautiful during Autumn. There’s a small pumpkin patch out front, accompanied by plentiful cornstalks and mums of all colors. And not to mention, a handsome little kitty that hangs around outside.


Inside has everything a great farmers market should have and so much more – plants & flowers, fresh native produce, local honey, jams & jellies, homemade soups, and baked goods. The bakery has to be my favorite part of the store (of course), especially when pumpkin is in season. I love their pumpkin bars and scones. Just a few steps away, you can grab yourself a cup of coffee or cider to have with your sweet treat.

How about a caramel apple?

While you’re there, you’ll also find that they have other odds & ends as well such as post cards, jewelry and natural handmade soaps. I haven’t tried the soaps yet, but I intend to!

How do you like to spend an Autumn afternoon?


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