Lightened-Up Alfredo with Chicken Sausage and Broccoli

Hello everyone! I hope you’ve had a great week. It’s been a bit since my last post, mainly due to writer’s block. I was having a hard time thinking of what to cook and write about next. I’ve noticed that when I’m not trying so hard to brainstorm ideas, that’s when inspiration comes my way. … More Lightened-Up Alfredo with Chicken Sausage and Broccoli

Sick Day Soup

In the midst of all the fun festivities that the winter season brings, we often forget that it’s also cold and flu season…until we get hit with it. It seems to sneak up on us at the most inconvenient time and leaves us feeling miserable. A few of us here in our house have been … More Sick Day Soup

Italian Turkey Pie

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend. I was feeling a little under the weather since Friday and was afraid I was catching the flu. It’s that time of year, and I forgot to get my vaccine back in September. Luckily it didn’t progress and was just a 24 hour thing. … More Italian Turkey Pie