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Autumn at Blossoming Acres | Southwick, MA

Autumn in western Mass is magical…I love seeing the area come alive with seasonal colors and festive Fall touches. One of my favorite ways to spend an afternoon during this time of year is to pay a visit to farms/farmers markets for some Fall goodies, and to simply take in the beauty of the season. Read on to learn about a local favorite. Continue reading “Autumn at Blossoming Acres | Southwick, MA”


5 Ways to Deepen Your Spiritual Connection to Nature

Even as a young child, I could sense that my soul was at home in nature and that I had some sort of inexplicable connection to the natural world. About a year ago, I began to explore my spirituality now as an adult and wanted to deepen that connection that I knew was already present, but had gone neglected for quite some time. Read on to learn five ways you can do the same ↠ Continue reading “5 Ways to Deepen Your Spiritual Connection to Nature”

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Chocolate + PB Nice-Cream Sundae | Vegan, Raw, Dairy & Refined Sugar-Free

This one is for you, fellow chocolate & PB lovers. Now, I would be lying to you if I said that I enjoy Summer…I try year after year to see the beauty in the Summer season but the oppressive heat & humidity never fails to put a damper on my perspective. There is nothing I love more than being outdoors but that just doesn’t happen much from June through August. With that being said, one of my favorite things to do during this time of year (and one of the only ways you will get me out of the air-conditioned house) is to go to a local creamery for a good ol’ ice-cream sundae. I had that craving recently so I decided to create my own version of one that I would typically order, with a natural twist.

Continue reading “Chocolate + PB Nice-Cream Sundae | Vegan, Raw, Dairy & Refined Sugar-Free”

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Coconut + Rose Bath Bomb Review | The Atlanta Bath Company (Video)

As I mentioned in a previous post, setting aside a little “you” time every day is a great way to manage stress levels and to practice self-love. In my opinion, it is an essential part of a person’s overall wellness. I relax in a number of ways…sometimes it’s curled up on the couch with my cat watching Netflix, other days it’s sipping on some tea out on the patio. But whenever I’m feeling really stressed, anxious, or just had a rough day, a relaxing night of pampering usually does the trick. Continue reading “Coconut + Rose Bath Bomb Review | The Atlanta Bath Company (Video)”


Watermelon & Lime Agua Fresca


I am no stranger to hot and humid days living here in South Florida, especially because I love being outdoors. Whether I’m taking photos for the blog or simply relaxing outside, I’m out puttering around in the backyard for at least an hour every day. I make sure to keep hydrated by drinking water of course, but sometimes I crave something a little different but just as cold & refreshing. Continue reading “Watermelon & Lime Agua Fresca”

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Mint Chocolate Chip “Nice Cream” | No Churn, Natural, Dairy & Dye-Free

Chocolate & mint is a combination that people either love or hate. I am one of those who love it in any form but especially ice cream. I find it to be a refreshing palette-cleanser after a meal, or a nice cool treat on a hot Summer day. This recipe is perfect for those who love it as much as I do but are trying to stay on track with health and fitness goals. Continue reading “Mint Chocolate Chip “Nice Cream” | No Churn, Natural, Dairy & Dye-Free”

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Tropical Storm Smoothie Bowl

Today has been a windy, overcast day here in South Florida. I tend to like days like today, I’m not sure why (well, the fact that the sun isn’t out and beaming on me is certainly a good reason why). The cool wind is always welcomed, too. I wanted to brighten up the day a bit by making a colorful smoothie bowl for lunch. I scoured our fridge/ freezer and this is what I came up with: Continue reading “Tropical Storm Smoothie Bowl”

Natural Remedies

5 Natural Remedies/Tips to Help With Seasonal Allergies

Spring is in the air…I’d know because my allergies have been horrible! Sneezing, runny/stuffy nose, itchy eyes, you name it…I’ve got it. I’ve suffered from seasonal allergies since I was a pre-teen, often reaching for OTC medications when I felt them coming on. This year I’ve decided to stray from seeking relief in pills, and instead find natural ways to alleviate my symptoms.  Continue reading “5 Natural Remedies/Tips to Help With Seasonal Allergies”